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Introduction to Power BI - 12/08/22

Introduction to Power BI - 12/08/22

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Dashboards, Smashboards - the best you do right now is to survive basic pivots and charts with slicers. PowerBI has amazing tools just waiting for you to learn how to use them. It's worth a day of your time to learn about what PowerBI offers you. Stop doing things the hard way - it's a new day!

 We will provide you with exercise files to be used during training for a hands on, interactive learning experience. After the session we will provide you a guidebook pdf to use as a reference source.

PowerBI Desktop Interface

  • Open a Sample Report
  • Navigate an existing PowerBI report
  • Pie charts
  • Use the Pie as a Filter


Sharing Your Reports

  • Publish to My Workspace
  • Open My Workspace
  • Export to PDF
  • Export to PowerPoint
  • View Insights on your data


Get Data

  • Connect to a file: Excel
  • Connect to SQL data
  • Use Power Query with your Data


Transforming & Modeling Data for Reporting &Visuals

  • Remove the columns you don’t need with Query Editor
  • Close and Apply Data
  • Add a basic matrix (Pivot Table)Filter Data in Power Query
  • Set data type
  • Change the Data Type
  • Replace values
  • Convert Data
  • Add Columns


Create Visualizations & Reports

  • Add a Card Visual
  • Add a Table Visual
  • Add a Matrix
  • Add a Pie Chart
  • Adding a Tree Map
  • Use slicers to filter visuals
  • Ask a Question

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