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Introduction to Power Query - 12/06/22

Introduction to Power Query - 12/06/22

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We developed this course to teach real world tech skills in Excel to people who encounter data in spreadsheets in their day-to-day work. If you work with macros, clean data, or use multiple workbooks to create reports, you need to know about Power Query! We dive into practical skills and show you how to approach and handle data with Power Query. This course is not for an Excel beginner.

 We will provide you with exercise files to be used during training for a hands on, interactive learning experience. After the session we will provide you a guidebook pdf to use as a reference source.

Get Data

  • Queries & connections
  • Access queries & connections
  • Navigate Power Query Editor
  • Load data
  • Disconnect data


Data Cleaning & Applied Steps

  • Delete unnecessary columns
  • Use Choose Columns to remove columns
  • Change columns order
  • Change column names
  • Change data case
  • Replacing values
  • Convert data types
  • Remove spaces & non-printable characters
  • Use Gear for adjustments
  • Change step order
  • Name steps
  • Delete steps


Custom Columns & Calculations

  • Queries & connections
  • Access queries & connections
  • Navigating Power Query Editor


Advanced Editor

  • Access Advanced Editor
  • Understand "M code"


Reviewing Your Steps & Advanced Editor

  • Name your steps
  • Editing your steps


Update the Data

  • Refresh inside of Power Query Editor
  • Refresh data from sheet
  • Change data source

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