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Microsoft Excel Data Worker - 11/8/22

Microsoft Excel Data Worker - 11/8/22

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We developed this course to teach real world tech skills in Excel to the people who encounter data in spreadsheets in their day-to-day work. This course gives you a foundation for working with data. We will dive into the practical skills needed by a data worker and we will show you how to approach and handle data with Microsoft Excel. This course is not for an Excel beginner.

We will provide you with exercise files to be used during training for a hands on, interactive learning experience. After the session we will provide you a guidebook pdf to use as a reference source.

Functions & Formulas

  • Basic date & time functions (TODAY,NOW,DAY/MONTH/YEAR)
  • Advanced date functions
  • Text conversion functions
  • Parse and cleaning functions
  • Logical functions
  • IF function
  • Absolute/relative referencing
  • VLOOKUP and other fun functions



  • Create a basic chart
  • Formatting charts
  • Adding chart elements, labels, and legends
  • Changing the chart title
  • Create a trendline
  • Create a chart template
  • Use your chart template
  • Charting with the secondary axis


Conditional Formats and Data Commands

  • Work with conditional formats
  • Data commands
  • Sort and filter data
  • Remove duplicates



  • Understand PivotTables
  • Create a PivotTable
  • Connect data to a PivotTable
  • Build a pivot
  • Filter pivot data
  • Drilldown on a pivot for filtered data
  • Format pivots
  • Create a PivotChart
  • Visualize pivot data with PivotCharts
  • Update the data
  • Linking data from PivotTables to worksheet


Power Query

  • Get data into Power Query
  • Navigating Power Query Editor
  • Basic data cleaning commands and Applied Steps
  • Reviewing your steps and the Advanced Editor


Our Favorite Shortcuts

  • Timesaving shortcuts for adding information to the spreadsheet
  • Shortcuts for navigation
  • Shortcuts for selecting
  • Shortcuts for making copies

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